NYC Skate Lessons

Whether you're a beginner, a skate-exile from the 70's, or a transplant from snowboarding or surfing, we'll get you in the groove. We conduct longboard lessons in New York City in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and demonstration boards can be provided by Uncle Funky's, if necessary. All riders are required to sign a waiver, and beginners must provide their own helmet and pads for the lesson.

Please contact Rob Rodrigues at to schedule a longboard lesson in New York.   

Details about our skate lesson curriculum and pricing are provided below.


Pricing for 1 Hour Lessons:

$60 for 1 student

$80 for 2 students

$100 for 3 students


Beginner Skate Lesson

  • Learn your stance (Goofy vs. Regular)
  • Toe-side and heel-side turning
  • Pushing
  • Stopping

Intermediate Skate Lesson

  • Carving to control speed
  • Foot-braking
  • Basic style tips

Advanced Skate Lesson

  • Power slides and sliding to stop
  • Walking the board
  • Riding in traffic
  • Style tips