Pantheon Trip


Pantheon Trip

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  • Length (in): 32.25
  • Width (in): 8.875
  • Wheelbase (in): 26.375 - 27.25
  • Plys: 7
  • Construction: Maple

The Pantheon Trip is a great board for Long Distance Pushers/Commuters. This board is small and light so it's extremely easy to push and carry around. It features a double drop which gets the standing platform really low to the ground. This makes pushing and footbraking a lot easier because your center of gravity is lower giving your more stability. Coming in a 32" long, you'll have the nimbleness of a mini cruiser, but the stability and ease of a double drop. The open end of the drop through cut outs allow you to easily slide you trucks into place without taking off the hanger.

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