Pantheon Quest


Pantheon Quest

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The Quest is the little sister to the Nexus deck. While they are built out of the same mold, the different shapes accentuate features of the mold to form two decks that ride very differently.

Our Quest deck is design with pure commuting in mind. It is lightweight, small, agile, stable, and very low to the ground. It is everything you need out of a pure commuter--a great deck to add to the quiver for passionate skaters and an excellent deck for beginner riders that are not looking for a deck to thrash on but simply a board that is non-intimidating, easy to skate and set up, and easy to ride. 

This board features a mild flex and is suitable for riders under 180-ish pounds. General rule of thumb is: if you are heavy, expect to ride bigger wheels on the deck. If you are light, you are going to have more setup options due to less ride height restrictions. We designed this board to flex a little bit to aid in comfort of riding over bumps and choppy pavement.

Large wheel cutouts and wheelbase options allow for further setup tuning which will affect wheel clearance and board flex (smaller wheelbase options = slightly less flex). We have tested this deck at 170 lbs with 70mm wheels on the smaller wheelbase and been fine. We have also tested it with 85mm wheels on the larger wheelbase with 1/4" drop through riser and been fine. It is very versatile to set up, and our only suggestion is that, if at all possible, you take it to your local skate shop so that you can put it together on site and get it dialed just right! Or just tinker with it and have fun over time.

One other thing of note: There are several GREAT push board builders out there, and as a passionate skateboard pusher myself, I have little desire to go out and say "Hey, ours is better, buy ours!" because we would be competing against some people that I feel very close to. If there is any one thing that we did to separate ourselves with this board, it is that we packed a lot of design into something that is pretty inexpensive with reliable 8-ply maple construction. This is a board you can take out every single day to get to where you're going and you don't have to worry about it getting run over by a car. It is replaceable, if worse comes to worse. Having personally spent a lot of time on Subsonic pushers in my past, I have a great respect for those decks and would advise anyone toward one for their long distance races if they are looking for something one-of-a-kind. As a daily rider, though, the Quest is an excellent choice! My personal opinion is that you can never have too many skateboards, unless they aren't getting ridden. Knowing this board like I do, I am quite confident it will never sit stagnant for long. It is a work horse, it's comfortable, and it's just easy to pick up and ride.

Once again, the graphic was made by Eddie Kihm as a commissioned piece for Pantheon Longboards. We worked with Eddie on the concept, and he came up with the piece. Dude's a G. Don't worry about it.



-8 ply rock maple construction

-fork-nose design, easy to carry and drag behind you once you've reached your destination

-crescent drops, stiff and strong with no weak spots. 

-wheelbase options from 28.25-29

-comfy concave that you can push all day

-35 inch length

-9 inch width

-large cutouts will fit big wheels

-1 inch dropped platform

-drop through mounting. There is no extra space for the extra base plate width of Randall and Bear trucks, so don't use those. Use a truck with a straight base plate, like almost every other truck on the planet other than those two. 

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