Pantheon Embryo


Pantheon Embryo

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The Embryo is a classic top mount downhill-freeride board with modern features designed to meet the needs of today's most aggressive hill riders. Every inch of this board has been optimized to provide comfort, control, and feedback with subtle locators on either side of the board's aggressive platform. The Embryo sports a comfortable pushing platform in the middle, bridging W-bubbles on either side that help you find your front and rear footing. On one end of the platform, the Embryo touts what we are calling a funnel concave, growing gradually tighter as the rail tapers toward the tip of the deck. On the other side is a gentle 3D concave. The deck is asymmetrical but is designed to be ridden either direction depending on your riding style.

Riders who point the skinny end downhill will find themselves in a more surfy stance with their front foot behind the front trucks and the arch of the foot gently finding the front W-bubble. The tapered rail helps the front foot to find the edge of the board on both the toe and heel side, and the funnel concave gives ample leverage on the toeside, even in surf stance. To amplify this effect, riders can move the trucks forward and place the front foot closer to the nose. The rear foot receives feedback from the rear W-bubble while in tuck and the 3D concave in the back is placed to hold the foot right over the truck in freeride stance at the tightest wheelbase. Move the rear wheelbase back for more options.

The board is designed to ride fat-end-foward for riders who like to put their front foot more on top of their trucks. The W-bubble in front is shifted slightly further towards this end to help guide the foot into this position (note: the flush mount is slightly deeper on this end to compensate for this difference, keeping the platform level and the trucks riding true to their respective angles). The tapered back end gives easy access to the rails, and the rear W-bubble combines with the funnel concave to give lots of feedback no matter where you put your foot.

Attention to detail does not stop with the shape of this board. The "Seed" graphic contains the maple seed aka helicopter seed. Inside the seed is the tree itself, fractally smaller, with the veins of the seed forming the roots of the tree. The tree is expressed to have a soul and is given Free Will through the act of flight once it is released from its pod. This vision was manifested by the talented artist/skater Eddie Kihm. Thanks Eddie! You killed it!


Board Specs:

Length - 36.5 inches

Width - 10 inches

Wheelbase - 25.5-29 inches

Rocker - .25 inches

Concave - Plenty!

8-ply Rock Maple

CNC Wheel Wells

CNC Flush Mounts

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